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Madison and Cam Engagement Shoot

Madison and Cam Engagement Shoot

This Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to drive down to Cornwall, Ontario to shoot a round of engagement photos. Madison and Cameron were looking to capture some outdoor shots to show-off the beautiful fall weather. Having taken photographs of Madison and Cameron in the past, I knew the shoot would be a lively, energetic and enjoyable experience. It’s always a pleasure to work with couples who exude love and appreciation for one another with every click of the shutter.

The backdrop for this photo shoot was a breath-taking conservation area just 18km east of Cornwall, called Cooper Marsh. The boardwalks along the treed swamp and peaceful atmosphere made for both a unique and entertaining setting – the boardwalk was so old there were moments it seemed like we’d fall right through the wood boards into the swampy waters or ponds. Next, we all took a walk along the stunningly scenic paths of the marsh complete with bright red and orange leaves that were perfect for the vision Madison and Cameron had in mind. While Madison excitedly jumped around in the leaves, we all had a good laugh followed by some amazing pictures that truly capture the love and passion that these two have for each other. Luckily the rain held off as an added bonus and we were able to snap some awesome photos for their wedding invitations. A big thank you goes out to Madison and Cameron for being model subjects – what an absolute pleasure and blast it was to photograph these two. We are looking forward to shooting their special day next summer!

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