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Sara and Brian’s Wedding at Creekside Winery

Sara and Brian’s Wedding at Creekside Winery

As we got ready for the day, we were extremely excited and eager to be returning to the Creekside Winery in Jordon, Ontario to shoot Sara and Brian’s wedding. Last Fall we shot this cute-as-can-be couple’s engagement session here, and the scenery, vineyards, and wine barrels did not disappoint as backdrops in the photos. Needless to say, we were excited to be returning to this wine heaven to capture the big day!

As this wedding (both ceremony and reception) was held outdoors, thankfully the sun was shining and the living was easy. I’m sure we sound like a broken record by now, but MY GOODNESS was this winery ever an excellent choice for a wedding venue. With the wine barrels and the beautiful grape-bearing vines, there wasn’t much (if anything at all) that needed to be added to decorate this gorgeous winery. However, Sara and Brian achieved an A+++ for making an already beautiful area even more stunning!

The whole day proved to be a major success and everything went off without a hitch! Sara and Brian exuded so much happiness that it was hard not to smile from ear-to-ear when watching them together. Family and friends enjoyed themselves at the photobooth we set up! With props such as big blue fluffy hat, Minnie Mouse ears, over-sized sunglasses, and a blue and green wig, Sara, Brian and their guests looked as if they were having the time of their lives as they laughed and posed the night away.

We were so happy to be shooting a couple like Sara and Brian. The love between these two runs deep and because of this, their emotion and passion easily shone through in the photos. We couldn’t be happier for these newlyweds and we wish them all the best in their future together. Congratulations Sara and Brian!