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Engagement Photo Shoot at St. Raphael’s Ruins

Engagement Photo Shoot at St. Raphael’s Ruins

What do you get when you mix a warm, sunny breeze, historic ruins, and a happy, enthusiastic couple? Nyomi and Nick’s engagement photo shoot, of course!

The team at Develop Negative had the opportunity to capture some everlasting moments of newly engaged Nyomi and Nick of Cornwall, Ontario. The shoot took place at the ruins of an old church that suffered from a fire in 1970 called St. Raphael’s in South Glengarry, Ontario, about 120km from Ottawa. Let us tell you (and show you!) that this place was picturesque and absolutely gorgeous. From the authentic stone alter to the beautifully landscaped backdrop surrounding the stone walls, this church was a perfect set for a young couple to celebrate their engagement.

Not only were the ruins of this old church enough beauty to work with, the weather was more than cooperating with us that day. Nyomi and Nick were drinking in everything from the gorgeous weather, breeze and sun, to the masonry and powerful feelings you couldn’t ignore standing within the walls of such a monumental site.

While Nyomi was extra careful not to wedge her heels between the cracks of the preserved stones, Nick appropriately played the knight in shining armour as he carried her from backdrop to backdrop. The first couple of shots consisted of Nyomi and Nick warming up to the camera by cracking jokes to each other causing them both to smile from ear to ear. We believe that some of the best engagement pictures come from the subject’s natural responses to each other. Nyomi and Nick were a perfect example of this. We were trigger happy watching these two crack jokes and tease and each other. It certainly translated very well in to photos too!

While sitting on the stone steps to the alter, the couple exuded love for one another making this photo shoot extremely easy for us. Even we were cracking up at points due to their sarcastic and silly, let loving, banter. The relaxed atmosphere made for a comfortable shoot for these two as they posed without fear or over analysis before the second backdrop even began. Nyomi even held up a decorative chalkboard with a few cute quotes including “I said yes!”. However the photo shoot could not come to an end until the couple decided to translate their sense of humour to the chalkboard by writing “Wife-ing it”, which is a playful joke used to poke fun at the wives or girlfriends of Nick’s hockey buddies.

We want to thank Nyomi and Nick for inviting us to join them in helping to capture the contagious, inspirational love they have for one another, and of course to celebrate their engagement. Our cheeks are still sore from the jokes, fun and overall joy that occurred as a result of this photo shoot. We certainly had fun!