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France and Kyle’s Wedding at the Nav Centre

France and Kyle’s Wedding at the Nav Centre

The summer weddings continue with the marriage of France and Kyle of Cornwall, Ontario. If you’ve been following our blog, we bet you can guess the location of this union….Well, if you guessed Nav Centre in Cornwall, Ontario, then you guessed right! But who could blame couples for selecting this venue as the setting for their wedding? Especially since there’s a whole lot of variety for photos thanks to the vast scenic grounds that surround the building.

France and Kyle started off their big day getting ready in two separate locations. Kyle at his father’s house with the gents, while France and the ladies readied themselves at the Stonehouse just in front of the Nav Centre. It was within these houses that we snapped some memorable shots for each party to enjoy when the day was over, especially since these moments capture the genuine excitement on the bride and groom to be’s faces nicely. France and Kyle were no different.

The wedding ceremony took place by the Stonehouse at Nav Centre and we are happy to say that the weather was more than cooperating with us. Did we mention that we bring the heat to weddings? Much to our clients’ satisfaction, the sun likes to beat down on us whenever we shoot weddings. But we don’t want to jinx it so enough about that! Back to the ceremony – it was as lovely as can be and made for some beautiful shots that this couple can always share together time and time again. After the ceremony we decided to take some photos of the couple in the nearby forest (don’t worry, not a creepy forest), and in a close by farm field that made for an amazing backdrop for some wedding photos.

On to the reception it was to shoot some fun in the form of dancing, socializing and photobooth-ing! One thing we do notice at weddings is that couples and wedding guests alike absolutely love the photo booth. Whether your posing with your friends, loved ones, or random strangers you met that day, good times and good pictures are always had at the photo booth. Check out the pictures below for some of France and Kyle’s fun photo booth moments.

We’d like to give a huge congratulations to France and Kyle on their marriage and we wish them all the best! Thank you for allowing us to capture your beautiful day.